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Connecting Business to Business Was Never More Important Than Now

Companies are scrambling to find ways to secure funding, sell new

products, and open new markets.

Kenneth Johnson

July 21, 2020

Doing business can present many problems. Covid-19 intensified all of them.

Some suggest it may take more than 5 years to return to pre-Covid-19 levels of

commerce. aShoGi can help.

Finding new markets, identifying new RFPs, and discovering new vendors all

increased in difficulty over the past few months. You need a solution to these

problems, and you found the solution.

We simplify B2B commerce. By putting actionable

information at your fingertips, you can:

  • Find the services you need

  • Identify new and growing markets

  • Learn to apply for SBIR and STTR programs

  • Discover new products to sell

Growing to survive is an age-old maxim that hasn’t changed

in this day of Covid-19 challenges. Putting people on planes

is dangerous. Using technology to grow makes sense.

Regardless of your business area, you must grow to survive. With businesses

closing doors around you, you can become an example of continued growth and

success. aShoGi is a new company that helps match what you do with what other

businesses need. Right from your home or office. For a reasonable price.

We can serve as your one-stop source for SBIR and STTR information. If you’re

new to government contracts, you will find what you need to start. Without a

central location for this information, you can spend days chasing all the web sites

to find details of how to register, what agencies want, and how to apply. With

aShoGi, you find all of that in one place. A one-stop-shop.

aShoGi currently lists hundreds of technology transfer options,

and what’s offered grows every time a new company signs up.

We understand business, and we understand the need for business relationships.

No company grows in a vacuum. Contacts matter. We help you make those contacts by providing what you need to choose well and to make sure you connect with the right

people at the right times with the right information--those

who are looking for the same things as you--connections

for doing business.

“Connecting businesses to businesses ranks at the top of what’s needed for a

successful recovery. aShoGi’s sole mission is to connect businesses and help them

succeed. We made it affordable and easy to use—both important for the success

of all." -- Michael McDonald, Founder and CEO

Whether you work in manufacturing, technology, artificial intelligence,

accounting, or so many other areas, connecting with other businesses that need

what you do--and that provide what you need--can affect your bottom line. And it

doesn’t matter if you’re a big company or a start-up! We will help you grow and


With aShoGi, you enter the path to success with people who will help you each

step of the way. Sure, we’re a start-up, too, and we understand connecting

businesses to businesses. Check us out today. Now’s the time to start connecting

and succeeding!

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