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Does Your Business Need a New View?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

You owe it to yourself and to your business to stand on the shoulders of giants today and grasp just how far you can see and how much you can grow your business.

Kenneth Johnson 07/22/2020

When we start thinking about our businesses, few of us claim originality, because, as those who preceded us, we learn from other’s wisdom, insight, and, yes, their mistakes. Issac Newton made famous the phrase about building on the work of others, but we can trace the idea back to Bernard of Chartres in the 12th century. Indeed, few “new” things are ever discovered, because we build on what others did.

In business, building on the work of others helps us move forward, helps us work smarter, and helps us succeed faster. In short, working together often shortens development time, increases productivity, and maximizes profits.

A new start-up is bringing the concept of standing on the shoulders of giants to everyday business.

Most companies send out employees to find new business. Discovering new buyers or finding new products is hard work. Now, the work becomes even more difficult as we face increased costs and travel restrictions. Still, some are thinking about those giant’s shoulders and building improved ways to work.

aShoGi (short for atop Shoulders of Giants) built on the idea of a one-stop-shop for all sorts of business information. On this platform, you may connect with universities offering patented products they would like to sell. R&D companies may access solid information about government SBIR and STTR grants. Companies may find new products to sell, and others may find sellers for their products.

The website is user friendly and most say easy to use. You may search by keyword, deal type, industry, sub-industry, and industry sector. As an all-inclusive website, it brings together information that every business can use. It’s that shoulders of giants thing showing up again.

Amazingly, aShoGi delivers a product that every business can use, and they did it at such an affordable rate, it’s hard to believe. They even offer a free trial.

For a company such as aShoGi to work, companies must be willing to register, to identify what they’re looking for, and to clearly define their needs. This is easy to do on the site. In a matter of moments, you can list your products, find new products, or launch into new areas of business that can increase your bottom line. In some ways, it’s a combination of email, phone calls, web searches, and personal visits all wrapped into one place—and the cost is unbelievably small.

When compared with the usual cost of acquiring leads, customers, and products, aShoGi beats the alternatives hands down!

Once you register, you may start listing right away. You may also browse all listing or choose to review listings in your industry area. Your choices are clearly defined and easy to access. You may also choose to add multiple users from your organization, and the interface lets you know who in your company may access the system. You will also notice that each listing provides an opening date and a closing date, so site information is always fresh.

You owe it to yourself and to your business to stand on the shoulders of giants today and grasp just how far you can see and how much you can grow your business.

Try aShoGi today with your free trial!

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