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FREE eBOOK!! - SBIR Funding - What Is It And How To Get It

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

SBIR Funding - What Is It and How To Get
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So, you heard about SBIR and STTR and you’ve wondered if you can get in on the action. The good is news is, maybe you can. The not so good news is, it requires a lot of work. But the really good news is, both programs offer a lot of money to launch your ideas and support your company’s growth! That’s a pretty good combination.

Not sure what SBIR and STTR are? You’re in luck. This eBook walks you through all the steps:

1. SBIR STTR Funding

2. How to Win an Award

3. Where to Start

4. Creating Your Team

5. Setting your Schedule

6. Paying Attention

7. Your Commercialization Plan

After reading this eBook complements of aShoGi, you’ll have a good understanding of the programs and understand how to prepare your first proposal! Once you’re ready to find the best Topic for you and your company, you’ll find the resources you need right here on aShoGI in the Resources area.

Welcome aboard, and prepare for a fun ride as you join the ranks of aShoGi subscribers and SBIR and STTR masters!

Click on the link above right under the title to download your free SBIR/STTR eBook from aShogi!

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