What Does aShoGi mean?

We get asked all the time ‘what is an ashogi’? Is that some sort of Asian food? Or an Indian exercise? Or maybe a new age meditation technique?

The answer is none of the above!

aShoGi is a mash-up of words: Atop the Shoulders of Giants. In 1675, British scientist Sir Isaac Newton famously wrote to a colleague and fellow scientist, “If I have seen further (than other men), it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. Newton discovered gravity, the three fundamental laws of physics, and if that’s not enough, among other achievements, he also co-invented the mathematics of calculus. For that reason, Newton’s name is still a household word around the world 350 years later.

Newton’s ethos - saying his work was built upon the foundations of his predecessors - shows he was humble in success and passionate about his work. And that is how we believe many product visionaries and company leaders feel. Our goal here at aShoGi is to help innovators and company leaders to succeed by standing “atop the Shoulders of Giants”.

Our goal is to help innovators to find a place for their products in business – to help commercialize great ideas from great minds, and to help businesses to grow their sales and profits by bringing new products to market.

There are millions of businesses in the US, and tens of millions of patents out there – many patents never actually end up finding their way into a product. That is not because the patents weren’t a good idea, it’s just that the vast majority of businesses are too small to have an R&D team, and there is no good way for an inventor to take a good idea – a new tech product, a new clothing design, a new software tool, etc – and get it into the hands of a business that can successfully produce, market, and sell it.

aShoGi helps to connect businesses looking for growth with innovators looking for a way to launch their idea. We help you to stand atop the Shoulders of Giants and see further.

Check out our plans and pricing to see if we can help you to further your vision and bring a new product to market successfully.

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