What is aShoGi?

aShoGi was borne of a vision to help solve a problem that affects many businesses – the need for growth. Our founder was a partner in a small manufacturing firm, but despite that manufacturing firm having been in business for decades, the company wasn’t growing. The problem was that the firm had an old stable primary product and sales just weren’t growing. In fact, every year, sales shrunk just a little bit. Essentially, the company needed new ideas, new products that it could make and sell.

But understanding that you need a new product isn’t the same as actually having something to make and sell to customers. The firm was too small to have an R&D team, and the existing system in the US of licensing new products and patents was haphazard at best.

On the other side of the coin, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals out there with an idea for how an existing product could be made a little better, or a new product could solve a problem. But just because you understand the need for a product, doesn’t mean you have the capacity to start a company making that product.

For instance, grocery delivery suffers from the inability to deliver food except when the customer is home. A refrigerated version of the new smart package lockers being sold today could fix that problem – but most individual inventors aren’t capable of taking that idea and then getting it mass produced affordably and sold to grocery customers.

The problem is that innovators can’t connect easily with businesses. There’s just too much noise out there. And getting a patent is going to do very little to actually get a product commercialized and let the inventor start earning royalties.

That’s where aShoGi comes in. We connect businesses looking for products, ideas, and new innovations with innovators that have these products. Those innovators could be individual inventors in a garage, research scientists at a government or university lab, or even another company that just has an innovation or patent they don’t want to pursue.

Whatever the situation, aShoGi is the platform where innovators and businesses can connect and drive growth and success for both parties. Service providers like business coaches, patent attorneys, marketing firms, contract manufacturers and others can also benefit from being connect to our ecosystem of thousands of innovators and companies looking for growth.

Join us today and see the difference we can make for you as a business, an inventor, or a service provider!

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